Berlin Skyline

Berlin Skyline
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Friday, 8 September 2017

Did you know ... Berlin still has about 36,000 Gaslights?

The streetlighting in Berlin still shows the former division of the city. The majority of the streetlighting system was destroyed by allied bombing during the war. East Berlin rebuilt it using electricity with no real threat of being cut off. West Berlin with the Berlin Blockade in mind decided to keep the gaslights in operation as the gas could be produced using stores of coal for a while even when cut off supplies.

Of course people are preferring the tone of light over modern neon light so the city jumped a step and is going straight to LED light which imitates the shape and tone of gaslights except in protected areas where the gaslights will be kept in operation despite the fact that their energy consumption is at about 7 times the level of the LEDs.

When you drive or walk around the city you will not even recognize the modern versions of the gaslights.

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