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Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Property Location of Berlin Rudow and Current Market Data

General location

Rudow is one of Brandenburg's oldest settlements. The city quarter is located in the extreme southeast of Berlin's Neukölln district which was also the border to East-Berlin and the East German “Bezirk Potsdam” area. In the north, it borders the districts of Buckow and Britz, in the east the Berlin borough of Treptow, in the south the Brandenburg district of Schönefeld, and in the west, the Brandenburg district of Großziethen.

About Rudow

Center of the former village is to this day the village church from the 13th century. Urban Rudow is very similar to the north Buckow: a lot of green, single and multi-family houses, some residential blocks. There are even a few farms. In the industrial area between Kanalstraße and Teltowkanal, several large industrial branches have also settled.
By means of the subway line U7 (stations: Wutzkyallee, Zwickauer Damm, Rudow) and several bus lines, Rudow is well connected to the Berlin transport network.

Impressions of Rudow

Rudow is the largest residential building project. Since 1994 around 1,200 new apartments, terraced and double houses have been built. A popular excursion destination is the 70-meter high Rudower Höhe on the Glashütter Weg, made of rubble from bombed houses after WW II, with a large toboggan run. From the old village core to the town boundary on the Kleinziethener Weg, the restored Rudower brook flows.

The new development "Rudower Felder" is framed by parking facilities. In the north, a regional green area is defined as a distance zone to the existing building development. In the south, a supra - regional greenway is to connect to Brandenburg. The actual settlement structure is structured by a main road running east to west, which crosses the diagonally guided subway in a central square. The residential blocks stretch north-south between the main road and the respective green line in the north or south.

Anyone who lives in Rudow enjoys the contrast between the cityscape and rural idyll, and finally the transition to the fields of Brandenburg. It would be exaggerated to use the attribute village character when it comes to Rudow, it gives rather a small town impression.

As a historical anecdote: Rudow was also the location where the CIA started "Operation Gold" in 1954 tapping a telecomunications cable of the Red Army from Berlin to their headquarters in Wünsdorf outside Berlin. Read more here if you want to know the outcome: Operation Gold 
 Rudow is part of the Berlin borough of Neukölln.
Source: Housing Market Report Berlin 2017 with Housing Cost Atlas, BerlinHyp + CBRE

It is mainly made up by the postcode 12355 at rent level tier 6 of 8:  

Source: Housing Market Report Berlin 2017 with Housing Cost Atlas, BerlinHyp + CBRE
Source: Housing Market Report Berlin 2017 with Housing Cost Atlas, BerlinHyp + CBRE
We currently are offering an investment property in the 12355 post code area. This area will strongly benefit from the eventual opening of the new Berlin Airport BER without being affected by its flight paths. The location is to the north of the airport while the flightpaths are in east-west orientation. Please contact us for more detailed information using

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