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Monday, 30 July 2012

Property Listing for Berlin, Germany 30.07.2012

The new Property Listing from is now available at their website.

Demand is still high and despite the summer break many purchases were notarized but it seem that the price hike at the beginning of the year has flattened out.

Financing with a reasonable LTV is still an obstacle for many investors, espacially for investment volumes between 1 to 5 million Euro. As always, equity dictates the market.

properties-in-berlin.comThe residential rent levels have risen significantly throughout the last two years so that we can expect that the next official Rent Table for Berlin which should come out May 2013 for some regions will be up by more than 15%. This mean that existing rental contracts can be checked for increase potential. It might be wise to hold back with increases right now as the rent has to remain unchanged for 15 months after an increase.

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