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Monday, 25 June 2018

Every Major Publication Now Has To Have A Property Ranking

It seems like every main media publication now has to have a price ranking for property prices and rents. Some cover the entire country and some break it down to districts within boroughs of the main cities.

Berlin Property Prices
Here is an example from the weekly publication Wirtschaftswoche which lists areas in five price categories:

  • very reasonable city districts - average 2,372 €/m²
  • reasonable city districts - average 2,682 €/m²
  • middle priced districts - average 2,904 €/m²
  • expensive districts - average 3,434 €/m²
  • very expensive districts - average 4,415 €/m²

Here is the list for "very expensive districts: 3,750 to 5,870 €/m² in increasing order:

Alt-Treptow, Plänterwald, Wannsee, Charlottenburg, Friedenau, Wilmersdorf, Nikolassee, Zehlendorf, Hansaviertel, Moabit, Schmargendorf, Friedrichshain, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Halensee, Kreuzberg, Grunewald, Dahlem, Tiergarten

*Data based on condos of 75 m²

The full list of all price categories is available in German on Wirtschaftswoche.

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