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Berlin Skyline
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Monday, 28 May 2018

Berlin's Newest Area Protected Against Gentrification is in Lichtenberg

The newest area for "Milieuschutz" is in Berlin-Lichtenberg, the first one in the district. While a research project in 2016 came to the conclusion that there is no pressure on the existing social structure and tenants are safe from gentrification a recent update of the data showed that more than 50% of the current tenants in the area are under threat of being pushed out by the price development. So the local council voted and passed a measure to protect a specific area from certain changes. The measure is known a "Milieuschutz" or more formally as "Erhaltungsgebiet" and was passed in the district assembly on 17.05.2018 which became effective a few days later with its publication. The area is called "Erhaltungsgebiet Weitlingstraße"

"Erhaltungsgebiet Weitlingstraße", Click for full size
For more information about the consequences for owners please view:
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